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Originally Posted by phlegmon View Post
Nope. He's still up to the same old shady **** as the old Viper days. You should see the "engineering" on his GTR packages. From dry wall screws holding MAF sensors in place to blatantly stealing other company's packages (specifically HKS), rebranding them as "Hennessey engineered", and then blatantly lying about it, even when caught with his pants down.

He's as shady as they come. The only difference between the Viper days and now is that he hasn't been caught (*yet*) selling off parts of out-of-state customer cars and billing for aftermarket upgrades in his engines that were never installed (which happened NUMEROUS times, despite the fact that he was "never charged or convicted").

He had numerous lawsuits against him, declared bankruptcy (screwing multiple, predominantly out-of-state, customers out of their money), and then restarted a new company.

Everyone deserves a second chance. However, he's up to the same BS as before. Only now, he's better funded and more spread out, rather than focusing on a single marque. A fool and his money....

Don't forget the time he had an out-of-state customer looking for answers (after Hennessey gave him the runaround for a year via phone/email), arrested for trespassing at his shop. A customer who dropped nearly $100,000 and never received a running Viper...

I can sit here and run peoples name through the dirt too.

I heard that Cobb is actually a nuclear arms dealer and that they have been employing children for pennies a day, then selling them off to China. It was Adolf Hitler himself that founded Cobb and his family still actively owns and runs it.

See...its pretty hard to believe something without proof. Even if you site another forum where someone is talking smack, that is nothing because if he was really doing this, he WOULD be in jail.

It is obvious that you will never buy a Hennessey product, and he does not have a gun to your head either.

You do not seem to have any facts, and yet you keep pointing fingers...bring facts and I will respect that. Until then, you are just another forum jockie

Originally Posted by phlegmon View Post
By the way, the Venom GT is completely built in England. He has nothing to do with building it outside of the engine. SUPPOSEDLY the engines are built at his TX shop (...wouldn't be surprised if he had them built elsewhere and slapped his name on them). He then plasters his name on the car and charges a **** load of money for it (just like his other parts). See the trend?
Again...your sources? You do not have an argument when you do not have a leg to stand on.
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