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Originally Posted by myklwrx View Post
couldnt agree more with this as well! i was not a huge fan of the private meet idea, but if thats what needs to be done for a little while to get something like this back on track than so be it. i just want what you want, a bunch of guys in a close circle...wait...
+1 I think a lot of us are a little uptight about private meets. Not that others shouldn't have them if they want, but some of us might be a little uncomfortable in a Nu Psi Gamma Sigma club. I for one was not a frat man and I wouldn't have found you'll if it wasn't for this message board and open posting of meets. Having the private situation would exclude introducing new members for the most part.

Also, I hate to see this board "nuked" for the same reason. Not only would it deprive us all of chat and information but it would not be a possible inroad for new Subaru owners to become members and go to meets. I think that the dialogue here for the last two days has been civil, informational, and is leading us toward better understanding and will eventually bring the group back together. I'm more encouraged than I was a week ago. I suspect, in private, cool heads are prevailing and see no reason for shutting the thread down.

JFK said, "An error doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to fix it." Personally, I think it would be an error to have private meetings and to destroy this meassage board. (And if, indeed, there was anyone with those evil intentions, wouldn't those actions, Jack, just let him or her win at our loss?)

A cooling off period does seem like a good idea. Then if at some point we could just turn the clock back and do business as usual--like last July with open meets and a friendly thread here--things might get back to normal. After that, if any interlopers or other negative posts came in, wouldn't it be better to just ignore them and not respond, than to have everything ruined for the great majority of us who are for fun and friendship?

Just my 2 cents.
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