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Originally Posted by shemoves View Post
I know what the differences between yaw and fragmentation are, what I was asking is which one, in the real world, is "better." In a way, fragmentation is like yaw to the extreme and in multiple directions. I guess it really comes down to this--it depends. Armor/no armor, behind auto glass/in an open field, etc.

It seems like it would make sense for them to make a penetrator round that had the same POI as the MK262, then do an every-other type of loading in the magazines. What do you think?
There is no one best option. A good fragmenting bullet like is used in law enforcement would work great against open targets but would not work very well against barriers or against light vehicles like cars and trucks. A full on armor piercing load would work well against barriers and vehicles but wouldn't be great at dropping bad guys because they would just bore a hole straight through them.

I don't think mixing ammo is a good idea because it adds a lot of complexity to the equation. The best bet would be to get a good compromise round. The new M855A1 fielded by the Army is a good direction. It is a full on armor piercing round but the design helps it break up in soft tissue. The Marine's Mk318 is another good option. The front of it fragments causing good wounding but the base stays intact which gives it increased penetration.

In testing the new A1 round increased penetration over the old green tip and reliably fragmented in ballistics gel. In fact the new A1 out penetrated the 7.62 NATO M80 ball round on several barriers.

As far as civilian use goes we have a lot better ammunition to choose from. If you want a good fragmenting load Hornady Tap 55 grn or Federal Tactical 55 grn both have a well earned reputation for putting bad guys down. If you want a little more penetration then the Speer Gold Dot bonded soft point and the Federal Fusion soft point are great options.
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