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Originally Posted by makikogi View Post
I wonder which frequency your head unit separates the bass adjustment from the sub out level. If pioneer did it by the book 80hz and below is defined as subharmonic frequencies so perhaps the bass knob adjusts say somewhere between 60hz-100hz? And the sub out at 80hz and below?? IF that's the case than just turning the bass knob all the way down should get those sub harmonic frequencies out of your door speakers and you can compensate by turning up the sub out. Getting an OEM sub won't get you what you're looking for as it just taps the main speaker wire and won't get those frequencies out of your door speakers.
I can set the High-Pass cutoff anywhere from 50-125hz. And yes I'm aware that it taps the speaker wire, that is why I want to clip it before that part
Originally Posted by SVXdc View Post
You could do that. However, the OEM sub is designed to run from speaker level (high level) signals. You may not be able to turn it up satisfactorily loud after switching to pre-amp signals. A long time back, someone posted about changing some of the resistors inside to convert the sub to run from line level, but he didn't post any specifics.

You may also need to add the remote turn-on lead (not included no the OEM T-harness), as the sub's built-in 'sound detect' circuit likely won't work with line-level signals.

On top of that, the OEM sub won't produce the deep lows you're looking for.

IMHO, it's not worth the effort. Look for a used aftermarket sub that already has line ins.
Thanks, I was afraid of this. I don't mind low volume much as I don't really need booming bass, I just mainly wanted to get a dedicated sub in the system. I can crank up the preamp a bit but it probably wouldn't be enough to match speaker levels. If I can get a sub for cheap enough I'll probably give it a shot and see what happens. I wouldn't mind replacing resistors either as soldering is fun, just have to make sure I get the right ones

Otherwise, anyone have any recommendations for an aftermarket under-seat sub for around $100 if one even exists?

EDIT: Something like maybe? Just the issue of how to mount it securely.
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