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Originally Posted by Supraru View Post
It's a known fact that the trans will make a noise under deceleration with a lightened flywheel. I have been down this road on my own car every since I swapped everything. I did everything from swapping transmissions to a couple different aftermarket clutches and flywheels. Out of three different transmissions the only time it went away was when I put a stock flywheel back in. I did however get completely lucky when my spec clutch finally went with my stock resurfaced flywheel I bought an act 6 puck and a street light flywheel (first flywheel I noticed the noise) and now it's totally quiet.

Chances are if you just had your stuff done and running a lighter then stock flywheel this noise is because of that. If you've had this set up for a while with no issues before and it sounds like Aarons vid then you probably have an issue.
So I ask... When the problems started, was it right after a SPEC clutch install??

You say a "couple" of different clutches, but did you swap out the pilots bearings each time, or did you re-use the one you orrigionaly installed with the FIRST clutch..??

You say you got "lucky" when your SPEC clutch went... was that the "final" try at the clutch, or was that the original replacement?

Cause I had a perfectly working Exedy (besides the high RPM slip) in the car, made ZERO noise (on the same Exedy LWFW)

Then I put in the SPEC.... and all hell broke loose...

Removed the SPEC and installed a NEW verson of the SAME Exedy and have yet had a slip issue (the flywheel was cut wrong on the first Exedy)...

"I" don't believe it's "normal" to have that noise what-so-ever...
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