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Originally Posted by Aaron'z 2.5RS View Post
So I ask... When the problems started, was it right after a SPEC clutch install??

You say a "couple" of different clutches, but did you swap out the pilots bearings each time, or did you re-use the one you orrigionaly installed with the FIRST clutch..??

You say you got "lucky" when your SPEC clutch went... was that the "final" try at the clutch, or was that the original replacement?

Cause I had a perfectly working Exedy (besides the high RPM slip) in the car, made ZERO noise (on the same Exedy LWFW)

Then I put in the SPEC.... and all hell broke loose...

Removed the SPEC and installed a NEW verson of the SAME Exedy and have yet had a slip issue (the flywheel was cut wrong on the first Exedy)...

"I" don't believe it's "normal" to have that noise what-so-ever...
No these set ups were all in different transmissions and set ups.

Set up 1: 04' Wrx trans, Act street clutch and street light flywheel
-This set up really bugged the **** out of me. I had just swapped everything and in my stock Rs trans and then the 05' legacy non turbo trans swap (first one ever completed) I ran a 9lb fidanza flywheel and not once ever had a decel noise like this one. This had be believing I had an issue with my trans.

Set up 2: 03' wrx trans with spec stage 2.5 clutch and spec lightened flywheel. Basically still had the same decel noise. Now I knew my 04' trans was still good and the issue had to have been somewhere in having the lightened flywheel. There was a special note I took into consideration. When I installed the pilot bearing it came with threadlocker and the instructions said to apply it and stick it in the flywheel. I had a really bad feeling about that because a good fitting pilot bearing you have to beat in.

Set up 3: Since this trans seemed fine and I bought it for $100 bucks because someone couldn't figure out how to get the back section on I had a known good trans and foolishly sold the 04' trans. A while later third gear blew on me from the previous owner not being nice to the trans. This is when I changed all the bearings and gears to a spare blown trans. I ran that same spec clutch and flywheel with the newly swapped over box. Noise still there.

Set up 4: Swapped over the 2.0L for the sti 2.5. This time I was just tired of that decel noise. While not insanely loud like yours people still looked at me like my car was about to break. I finally said screw it and had a wrx stock flywheel laying around. I sent it out to get resurfaced and put that in with the engine. The noise was basically gone. I also should add this was the first time I ran a stock pilot bearing. It seemed within a few weeks the noise was just a little more noticable but still not as bad as it was and I didn't get "the look" any more.

Set up 5: The spec clutch which I loved and thought it felt awesome crapped out. It was rated for 500 plus ft lbs of tq and couldn't handle 350 ft lbs to the wheels. I knew I was getting retuned for more boost so I went with old reliable. I went back to ACT. I decided to go with the 6 puck and the streetlight flywheel again. I used a stock pilot bearing again. This time no more noise. Has been gone for at least a year now.
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