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Originally Posted by Duo View Post
It's not that big a deal and you limp your car over for the smog and then you limp it back home. It's once every two years and it is part of Cali. Don't worry do it, you won't be sorry
Originally Posted by josedwrx View Post
The only thing you have to worry about smog is basically emissions and not have something aftermarket stick out too much. All i do is swap out my downpipe for the stock one, which has the catalytic converters for the emissions and thats it. I had to smog mine this year and it passed with aps cold air intake, external wastegate, the vf39, sti tmic and sti injectors. I even left the aftermarket catback exhaust and it passed no problems.
That sounds good. I guess I'll try to swap it out and see what happens. When the time comes. But I'm not going to have to worry about it for quite a long while. What I'm doing now is just going through the planning stages with everything so when the actual time comes, I wont be lost in the wind.

Originally Posted by jpdriver View Post
Doomsdayfan, I live in Redding with my '04 STi. Andy and his crew at FD Autoworks on South Market St. is pretty knowledgeable with our cars. They've done a ton of work on my car, including mods. Then I go to GST in Hayward for my tunes.

I also belong to a local autocross club if you're interested.
Hey man, that sounds great. It's probably gunna be a while before I'm ready though. Do you guys only do autocross? Or do you drag too? I'm more of a drag racer myself and love going out to the strip out behind the airport. Maybe someday I'll dip my toe into autocross waters though. But I'll certainly hit you up when the time comes.

As far as Andy at FD Autoworks, do you think they're as good as EQ Tuning in Fairfield? I know EQ is a lot farther, but the reviews I've seen of them are really good. And they dyno-tune.

However, perhaps I'll take it to FD Autoworks to install my Intake/Exhaust whenever I get it.
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