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Originally Posted by Tripintaz View Post
Well the engine would not actually run if the true AFR was 20:1 so it sounds more like fresh oxygen is making its way into the exhaust manifold somehow. And for the AFR to change that much I would theorize that maybe the AIR pump is coming on and pushing fresh air into the exhaust when it shouldn't . This usually only runs on cold start to help heat up the catalytic converter and the car is usually in open loop waiting for the cats and O2 to warm up. So if the air pump were coming on while the car was warm and operating in closed loop or would cause a problem such as the one you are describing. However that does not explain the flashing cruise control light. Doesn't that flash when the car is misfiring? Which would then indicate that it is actually really lean....hmmm

If there were an exhaust leak big enough for the AFR to go that lean you would most likely hear it.

I'm curious to see what solution you find as this is quit an odd problem. I'd be interested to see if your aftermarket wideband reports the same thing as the factory wideband.

When the car is reading that lean does it richen back up if you roll into the throttle some?

YOU MAY actually be on to something -- there is an exhaust leak, but I didn't think it mattered -- i'm not running a gasket between the DP and the 2nd half of the exhaust -- and I DO have a rear o2 sensor in place.

What you are saying may be hitting the nail on the head here .... it's possible that at highways speeds air is getting into the REAR half of the exhaust and it's doing what you are saying ... son of a...!

Does it turn this pump on based on the rear 02 sensor's reading!? Is there a way to monitor if this is happening? I was under the impression only preturbo leaks would matter, and I used brand new gaskets for the manifold, upipe, and upipe to turbo with copper spray. I didn't happen to have a 3" gasket for the DP --> rear exhaust section and I didn't think it actually mattered (planned on just getting one ASAP) as I was under the impression the cobb map took the rear O2 out of play -- but since it's still actually there....

The leak isn't horrid but it's definitely there -- I'd probably be better off unplugging the rear sensor to rule this out, then, if this causes the air pump you're talking about to come on -- right?

Very interesting stuff..!

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