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Lol. I can agree to this so much. Bought my car 3 months before I got my license, taught myself stick more, got my license, 2 weeks on the road, clutch blew, started misfiring, and other stuff I don't remember off the top and of course got @$$ [email protected] by a bs mechanic.. $1500 later.. Then. About 2 weeks later, The good ol cylinder (I forgot which #) started misfiring again, brought it back, mechanic said it was because I don't know how to drive stick? (yea idk, he's retarded) . He left it in first Gear with no e brake. My stepfather hit remote start with expecting it in neutral and e brake up, car launches into a pole. $1700 later... Let my friend drive, lose control going 100mph into a gate, tire popped.. New fender, bumper, 2 doors. That was in April, and I'm still finishing up body work (moving very slowwww) and still want to hold onto it.. And I mean.. 1500+, then another 1700+ on top of the 1500 the time after, then again between all the $ for bondo and all, then going Cobb stage 2, damn money pits lol
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