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Originally Posted by Erik View Post
Well that's definitely the biggest hodge podge of crap thown together with mis matched cams that does not run correctly I've ever seen.
That's what they tell me.

Originally Posted by amroof View Post
I'm with Erik. This **** will never run! Your wasting your time. Too many bits!

But on a side note you shouldn't have any problems with them working. My cams and sensors look the same from the pictures. Now hurry up so we can start the o
Official running a 207 on a 32 bit thread ;-)

Ps your plate better say "lol Clark" or 2 many bits" or " Wtf"
If we do start this 16-bit EJ207 in 32-bit car thread, I can have more adapter plates made for the rails and throttle body. It might be slightly more expensive than welding up the manifold, but it would be easier for most I think. I could also make a cutting template for the driver side head modification; perhaps a small metal template you bolt to the sensor mounting hole and then trace the modified hole profile onto the head.

Originally Posted by amroof View Post
BTW make sure you prime the **** out of it so the avcs retardes itself back to zero or it won't start. Lol ask me how I know. Hehehe
I was wondering about this. This motor is really, really dry by now as it's been on the rack for a few months in every conceivable angle. The other part of this is how I will prime the oil cooler. It has a thermostat that should prevent oil from going into it until the motor is warmed up. I'd hate to have a huge burst of air go through the system when that opens up for the first time... I'm going to try to pre-fill it to the best of my ability I think.

I got the plate "AWDACTY" a play on the words AWD and Audacity.

1) The willingness to take bold risks.
2) Rude or disrespectful behavior; impudence.

Originally Posted by amroof View Post
Ken that Throttle body plate is amazing. Good work man
Thank you. I got to put it on the actual intake manifold this weekend (the powdercoating was a disaster, but that's enough for another whole thread... ), and it fit perfectly. I'll have the gaskets this week for final fitment.

Originally Posted by SaabaruMike View Post
Wow Ken, just wow. Very detailed. My brain hurts. I'm impressed at how much thought has gone into this build. I like how you are thinking outside of the box. I hope this thing screams and that you prove some of the "experts" wrong haha.
Thanks. With my luck it will blow up on the first start up though.
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