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Wow! I didn't expect so many responses so soon. I'm encouraged to suggest some other lists that might help revive this old site. This is a great website with great people. I did some research on other area clubs and found out that this little section of Worcester County has almost as many posts as the entire Southern California NASOIC site! Who says California is car country? I'll hold off on the other lists for now and concentrate on this one but if anyone else has a list idea, go at it and we can do them at the same time to give me a break. Like today, I have an appointment so this will be a short post. Mostl of all, thanks to all who posted!

OK, it's Monday morning. Let's pop in an eight track and continue our drive down memory lane. <Opens up the driver's door> Wait. You drive and that will give me a chance to talk. It's all chill brothers...

Two of you came so so soooo close in guessing the car. I think I unintentionally threw the experts off by describing the car I really wanted instead of the car I actually bought. Tony, the Rambler was a relative to my car. If you remember it, it was every father's fear who had a teenage daughter. The Rambler's seats went down. So you got it, Jack. Here is the pic.

That was what I would have liked but I settled for an American Motors Javelin.

Car: 1968 American Motors Javelin. Russet. Inline 6. Three on the tree. (As you know, Jack, the AMX had a big mofo V-8, four on the floor, big sticky performance tires and NO back seat.)

I gots to run now so I'll save the comment til later.

For the experts out there. In 1975 I did a total turnaround and bought my second foreign car. It had an inline 4 cylinder engine and the model number meant "second series, four cylinders, four doors". 244 It has also become somewhat of a cult car. Can anyone guess it?

If you 'all liked the eight track while we were driving this morning, you might have some favorite driving songs. Especially to the younger members, I'd love to know what you are listening to on your roadtrips.

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