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Originally Posted by Jack ffr1846 View Post
For my Lotus, they are absolutely functional. The bottom of the car is completely covered with flat aluminum panels for airflow management and downforce. The horn (single) is an anemic little bugger and where do they put it? Inside of the front area behind the air difuser that guides air from the mouth to the radiator. It's completely boxed in by the aluminum underneath. From inside the car, if the radio is on, you literally cannot hear the horn. Outside.......barely. With such a small car (hello Suburban piloted by soccer mom on the phone), it's often not seen. It needs to be heard.
Yea these are absolutely functional IMO and will go on my S30.

Last year I was driving down a parking lot aisle. I saw a grandpa to my left cutting through stalls, I slammed on my brakes and stopped realizing he wasn't even watching for cars in the parking lane and laid on my horn. He didn't even hear it and continued to drive without looking and plowed right into my front quarter panel, it was only a 8-10 mph collision but since he wasn't even remotely aware of his surroundings he didn't know I was there until after he hit me with no brakes applied and caused 2500 in damage. Maybe this would have ended differently had I had a horn loud enough for his deaf ears to pick up.
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