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Originally Posted by tunertony View Post
Sweet list. Can't wait for the rest. I feel like I was born in the wrong era.

Ill start mine.

88 Chevy Corsica. 2.8 v6. My parents old car. I loved the completely red interior not. This thing got me to school for like a month and died.

95 Chevy Blazer. 4.3 v6. My parents consigned for me. When I almost flipped it I knew it was time for a car.

96 Ford Probe GT. 2.5 v6 - 5 speed. My first car that I loved. I had this for 4 years. This is when I started modifying cars. At the end of ownership this thing looked like something out of the fast and furious. Ooh I was young and stupid.

96 Hyundai Accent. 1.5 I4. This became a winter beater. I beat the living crap out of this and it never died. I ended up giving this thing away.

04 Dodge SRT-4. 2.4 I4. Yes. Yes. I know everyone hates them but I loved this car. Big turbo'd and it made close to 400whp.

87 Jeep Wrangler. 4.2 I6. Another winter beater. This caught on fire after a month.

06 Dodge Charger R/T. 5.7 v8. I owned this for 3 years. Super reliable. Sounded amazing and was quick for a boat.

97 Jeep Wrangler. 2.4 I4. Soo dreadfully slow but great winter beater and fun in the summer.

08 VW GTi. 2.0t. I had this thing dumped on Faux BBS ch's. Fun car but German cars are expensive to mod and a bi?!h to work on.

96 Ford Bronco. 5.8. Another beater. I'm still working on this thing. It just kinda sits in my driveway.

00 Dodge Caravan. 3.3 v6. Another beater. I bring this thing around sometimes. 225k and still going.

11 Subaru WRX STi. My fav car so far. We will see how long I keep this car.

Plus jet ski, boat , and a motorcycle.

That's it
I've read all your lists and they are all pretty awesome. I think I'm getting to know everyone better from knowing what his car history is. You are what you drive? One common theme I do see is the great variety among our choices. In my dad's day most stuck with one badge, either GM or Ford. Today we have more choices and seem more free to experiment. Some of our choices as indicated in your lists were good some were bad but there seems to be agreement that the final selection of Subaru was no mistake and I concur with that.

I want to single out Tony's post because it is a comment I have seen in other boards and heard in my travels often. It is especially true regarding music. Tony writes:

<< I feel like I was born in the wrong era.>>

Sometimes I feel like a teenager until I look in the mirror,Tony, but we have to play the hand we are dealt with. Most of the time I am happy I lived during the years I have and I'm not sure I would want to swap now. But we had our wars--big wars--and the draft, prejudices to deal with, fewer choices, and not nearly as much technology and invention as the present generation enjoys, no iPhones; but no sense going into details. Sure we have problems now but when I interact with the best of today's young people I am encouraged by what I see. That goes for all the people I was introduced to here during the half dozen meets I attended and it is my hope that these best traits in the best people will get us back into harmony again and continue the meets so we can talk in person too.
And another thing since this is primarily a car enthusiasts board. One aspect of today which is unquestionably better are the cars we drive. We may wax nostalgic about the oldies but goodies and they are nice to look at, but as everyday drivers, not the richest man alive back then could hope to have as good a ride as we have in our Subies today. I'll try to point out some of the PITA's we had to contend with in future comments.
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