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Car: 1968 American Motors Javelin. Russet. Inline 6. Three on the tree. New for about $2200.
Comment: The Fiat fiasco left a sour taste so I went back to American cars. The AMX was a fantasy but the Javelin was nearer my budget and for economy I tried to replicate the old Chevy's platform. It worked because I was able to put over 100k miles on this puppy in eight years including another Trans Canada roadtrip. Sold it for a few hundred and saw it around town many years after.
The Javelin's weakness, imo, was its weight at about 2800 pounds. (Can you imagine the same chassis coupled with the huge AMX millhouse? As I recall, the AMX was over $3000. too.) Even with the little six, it was easy to burn out in this car. But the Javy was def a little light in the loafers and I had my first serious accident in it. I blamed the tires but thinking back, it was mostly pilot error. No PI so guardian angel was watching over us. Out of the body shop, I retrofitted to four new MichelinX tires. I've been a Michelin fanboy ever since. You can't go wrong with Michelin and they are worth the extra bucks.
The Javelin is a definite recommend.

I want to apologize for my last post. I got a little ahead of myself. In between the Javelin and the 244 I bought another car. It was 1972 and I was in my "Gangsta" phase. All the hoods on TV drove them--the detectives too--and that style car was even making it's way into song lyrics. Hadta havit.

Clues: Looking out the windshield over the long bonnet of this coupe you wouldn't see a Cadillac shield but there was a bomb sight style emblem there. The car was built on the same assembly line and shared many components of it's higher priced brother. What was this "personal luxury car" from Wixom?
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