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Originally Posted by heavyD View Post
What exactly are you trying to accomplish with your horn? They are only for alerting nearby drivers and pedestrians. Not to be heard blocks away as there are regulations that automakers must meet. In your case I can see possibly a case for them with such a small car with a poor horn as you say but the people with Subaru's are kidding themselves if they think this is anything more than an appearance mod.
And that's what we're saying. My stock horns would not be easily heard inside most newer vehicles with their nice quiet rides and refined stereos. Cars today are insulated better than ever to cancel out exterior noise. Couple that with a nice sound system and/or noisy occupants and the whimpy Subaru stockers just don't cut it. These get the point across without being stupid loud like an airhorn.

I've had a bunch of American cars and the Subaru horn was worse than all of them. By far.

Also, who cares if it's an appearance modification for some? What's the problem? They are cheap and somewhat useful. They are 100 times better than about 90% of the other appearance modifications I see while browsing this site. These are downright tasteful compared to most. Have you been in the Interior/Exterior modification subforum...? Yikes.

I also think they are a great first project for those new to the modding community. They require a bit of skill, but you can't really mess much up. There are a lot of great tutorials on the install. They give you practice with basic skills like wiring and relays. And when you are done, they provide great sense of accomplishment. That's a great, cheap first modification if you ask me.

Here's some appearance for you:
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