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Originally Posted by Full-Race Geoff View Post
EFR6258 and EFR6758 available now in .64 a/r housing only, do not underestimate either of these turbos!!! considering the ultra low inertia lightweight rotating assembly - on a 2.5L - i doubt you will see much improvement vs cost on such a small twinscroll EFR turbo but it will be interesting to find that out once the turbos are available next year. Summer of 2013 (we are told july) is when EFR 2 will debut. EFR 2 will include the 1 new turbo and a bunch of new housings:

mixed flow 7163 turbo (same turbo as initially discussed in this thread, but production versions will have ~12% more performance over the version he tested)

new EFR2 turbine housing options:

-twinscroll 0.80 a/r for 6258/6758/7163

-singlescroll .86 a/r for 6258/6758/7163

-vband inlet/outlet option with IWG for all B1 singlescroll turbos

-vband inlet/outlet option with EWG for all B1 singlescroll turbos

-1.45 a/r for EFR8374 and EFR9180, ideal for larger displacement motors such as 2jz OR anyone looking to make a legitimate 1000whp on a single EFR turbo. testing on this thing shows its a monster

i am attending PRI in orlando, Florida this week and will be sure to snap some photos
Thanks Jeff! Oh I don't underestimate them at all. The SS 6258 and 6758 would be the cats meow for the 5 cyl Audis (including the UrQuattro) and VWs, as well as < =2.0L engines.
I quite like the decision to use a .8 a/r twin scroll, should give a little more on the bottom and a little more on the top.
I have no doubt that the BW team saw no benefit in spool with the .92 a/r twin scroll over the .64 single. I didn't expect any either, however the top end would've been quite nice on the larger engines, especially if said engine had larger cams (mine doesn't).
Unfortunately, everyone seems to focus on spool with the twin scroll housings, when it is only 25-33% of the equation.
I think the .80 a/r twin scroll is probably the better balance.
Played around on MatchBot for a while interpolating the .80 housing on a EJ257, looks like I could have a 5500 rpm power band if I wanted to do some work to the internals so survive at 8000 rpm.
That 6758 TS is going to be a star on the right sized engine (2.3-2.5L with 8000 rpm rev limit), as long as 400 WHP or less isn't a problem. Most seem to want more though....
Thinking that the .86 a/r SS housing would be great for a nice torquey 240Z-280Z if the owner wanted to keep the revs down to around 6000-6500 rpm.
Lots of really great possiblities with the B1 Frame when they get some more housing options out there. The EFR 7163 looks like it's going to be a greatly versatile piece.
How did PRI go? Any news?
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