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Default Goodies before install?

The deal on the stock exhaust fell through so I have time to re-evaluate my options. I don't know if I'll have the extra funds available or not, but I'm trying to decide if there are any upgrades that would be worth doing up front.

My current list of items include an up-pipe, a lightweight flywheel, or a turbo-back. The up-pipe I could always install later; I've done the install before and know what's involved. The flywheel would require the tranny to be pulled; definitely easier with the engine out of the car. My engine will be only coming with the stock downpipe, so I need to source almost an entire exhaust section anyhow. The stock exhaust would be about $130, or there are many used exhaust systems going for around $700.

When you did your swap, was there anything you wished you would have done before getting it all in there? Or perhaps, do you have any thoughts that might sway me one way or the other?

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