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Here was my experience with this issue. My '07 STi ran great until around 55K didn't burn oil at all and then out of the blue it started burning 1Qt of oil every 500-800 Miles. I brought it in around 58K and they told me it was normal for the STi to burn about 1Qt every 1000 miles. I called their BS and said it's not normal for a vehicle to burn maybe a half Qt in a 3K oil change and then suddenly start burning that much oil." They forced me to do an oil consumption test but they tried to jerk me around and told me to bring it back during a weekday for their mechanic to change the Oil and start the test. I brought it in a little later to start the test. Since I only used royal purple oil I wanted them to continue using it. They charged me $90 for that oil change and then charged me for every Qt. they had to add during the oil consumption test. So much for free fluid top off. They tested 4 times and I had to drive all the way there to get them to add oil and check to see how much they were adding. By the time I got done with the car had over 60K miles on it and they told me that it was normal consumption. I drove around for a while longer and at 67K got tired of spending so much extra $ to top it off I took it to another dealer and told them what happened. They pulled the records from the other dealer and said that this test proved that there was an issue. Now they wanted to do a compression and Leakdown test and if there was no issues found they wanted me to pay for it. Compression test proved that there was a problem with Piston 3 and they had to go in to see the damage. I had to sign a form stating that I would pay for the teardown fee of $1,500 if the problem was discovered to be caused by me and if I decided to not have the work done there they would not reassemble the engine with the broken parts. Repair was over $5,500. Subaru USA was trying to deny the warranty claim because it was at 67K even though I brought it in at 58K. I spent maybe 12hrs of my life total on calls with Subaru USA getting them to pay for this. Finally they agreed to cover it and the dealership started the work. This kicker was when they did the teardown they discovered one of the Cam gears were broken. The Cam gear is made out of plastic and a section of it was broken off and the water pump had to be replaced. I had to pay $600 to do all of those repairs. Once the repair was complete the dealership called me and wanted the $5,500 for the repairs and that I had to pay out of pocket and submit a claim to Subaru USA. Another 2Hrs of calls and I got Subaru USA to pay them directly. If you are burning a lot more oil take it in and demand a leakdown test. The consumption test seemed like a BS test for them to scam me out of warranty. If they would have gone in while under warranty they would have replaced the Cam gear under warranty. The fact is the pistons in the '06 and up are garbage and will fail. I will post photos of the Ringlands and Cam gear if I can find them. BTW Royal Purple stains the Metal inside of the engine a darker color and gives the appearance of excessive wear and tear. If you don't use RP oil great but if they try to say something about the darker metal color then make sure they know you used RP oil.
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