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Originally Posted by DerekB707 View Post
Just do a compression check, it's quick and easy and you'll know for sure. I had my old wrx burning oil past the secondary air injection valve that was stuck, never got a CEL for it, was kinda weird. Anyway, hope it's not a piston/ring issue.
He has basically a new car, why would he waste the time and possible money doing a compression check when Subaru will do it under warranty?

Originally Posted by corvallisbattery View Post
I totally agree with you U.S. if he had a rotated 35 in there and blew it up. I feel an intake and exhaust with a tune should never lead to a blown motor. I really am not the fraudulent kind of guy. I once bought a new Mac book and dropped it outside of the store in the package. Got it home...wouldn't fire up, and I told them I dropped it and paid for the fix. Subaru sells intakes and some even do tunes at the dealership right? Seems some level of mods would have to be acceptable. Would this maybe only void the warranty on the exhaust and intake system?
Who's to say the tune is worth a damn? Maybe there was an issue with the tune, but he didn't data log so he couldn't see it? An intake and exhaust with a tune can blow a motor, but I'm glad you FEEL it shouldn't with your expansive knowledge.

Dropping a $1500 computer and breaking a 5K engine is completely different.

Subaru doesn't sell intakes for newer models anymore. And Subaru dealers do not do tunes, only Subaru updated tunes.

Care to try again?
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