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This is why you should drive it at the track then you wouldn't be bored of looking at it in a garage!
Showcars are gay, racecars are fun. no disrespect to anyone.
Hopefully you will enjoy your next toy at the track and have fun on the street. I hope you stay in the Subaru family and build a BRZ. the GTR is nice but for the price tag i'd rather have a used GT3, 360 or Lambo with the amount of mod the GTR is begging for and you will do you could grab a GT3 and build a BRZ

Originally Posted by dudley123 View Post
I completely agree with everything you said! ^^^

However, when you build a car to this level (which, Johann I know you have done) it comes a time when you cannot do anymore. People lose interest in the platform of which they are building after 2 or 3 rebuilds.. I do atleast.. I could drop an LS9 into it, would be fun.. I built the car to win shows and grace the cover of magazines.. With that being said, 4 mag covers and multiple BIS wins, we have done what I set out to do! Dumping the amount of money I have done, just to watch it sit pretty in the garage eventually will eat at you.

Also, with the amount of modifications done things become unreliable, not comfortable to drive, scared to scratch it, etc..

Main thing for me is the "bored" factor.. I need a new project/weekend car I can truly enjoy by driving it! the GTR is just that vehicle for me and I'm sure Mike and I will be scratching our heads eventually on how to get something to fit in the bay/fab a bracket to make something work in the Nissan

Thanks Johann and everyone that has been influential in this build! On to bigger and better things.. All I can promise is the new project will be just as nutty and will make twice the power my Subaru did!! I will say that I was in tears last night as I was pulling the motor out..

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