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Default 06 sti swap on bugeye FUEL ISSUE HELP

hello nasioc il try to short my story on my car brought a fresh bugeye with really low miles, had the car sitting for 1 month, started to purchase parts like crazy.. lets get to the chase

Tune day #1 (street tune): tuner requested that the car is breaking down, not enough power (either coil-pack or sparks) so i foul my spark plugs and changed them the next day.

Tune day #2 (street tune): car is not breaking down but is not getting enough fuel so i was requested to change my fuel pump, even tho i had a walbro 255 not 1 year old on the car..( changed my fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter)

Tune #3 (Dyno tune): Car still not getting enough fuel (contacted Street Masters and brought a new walbro 255 and installed it)

Tune #4 (street tune): was told by tuner it helped my gas but the car was still lean at 4,000_5,000rpm (was requested to change my injectors, which the car had brand new in the box DW850cc purchase with DW, contacted street master and brought my second pair of DW850cc thats 1,000 on injectors so i didnt want to take a chance so i purchase a JDM V7 manifold which i purchase for 450)

Tune #5 (street tune): NO HELP at all so both pair of injectors are good ( was told by tuner to change my MAF so i did it rite their since i had a pair on the car the tuner told me it helped a little more but still lean) coming home just wanted to sell the car but posting this up as my last resource.. i have spended around 14g on only upgrades brand new with receipt

LONG STORY SHORT 3RD GEAR AT 3,000 FULL THROTTLE CAR IS GOOD WITHING 4200-5,000RPM CAR GETS LEAN READING ON WIDE BAND ARE 10.2-10.8 AND START GETTING LEAN 13.5 ON FULL THROTTLE.. MY boost gauge reads 21psi and my tuner computer reads only 14psi so we are guessing once the car hits over 14psi it gets lean its this an ecu issue ??? im out of ideas and ready for help... thanx for your time nasioc hope i get some answer

any ideas is good just pm me and i will deff get back

06 sti full motor swap
05 transmission
V7 STI manifold
Turbo xs big TMIC
Grimspeed EBCS
etc.. have to much to list this are the basic
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