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Originally Posted by chanomatik View Post
Lexus CT and BMX X5 could not be perceived as potential "lawyer driver that could sue your ass" cars, but okay. I would have the same line of thought if Wes was driving a Porsche coupe, but not the Porsche crossover SUV. See the correlation in perception?

Nobody has tried to run me off the road yet in my BRZ. No one tried in the WRX and possibly not in the Forester. With the STI someone tried only once. With the 2.5 RS coupe, several times.

On Topic:

I shined my lights on a Plasma Blue STI sedan the other night while it was parked at a house on Spruce and 65th Ave. Car was full of dudes, but I didn't see the driver.

Last night on 88th after leaving Carrs heading towards Lake Otis I passed 0x444A! Car still be so hot!

I think I passed in front of a silver bugeye this morning as they were heading north from Tudor onto Boniface.
So a 335xi is perceived as a lawyer car? Its not even an M3 which would be more perceived as a 'lawyer" car if anything. And I don't just have an X5 I have an X5"M" (which from the looks of it you have no clue what it is) which is a big difference over the normal standard X5 not mention its like 20-40k more in price. That's like saying the a 328i is just like an M3 there are big differences not mention a huge difference in price.

As for the porsche comment if it was the cayenne turbo S SUV then yes it would well perceived as a "lawyer" type car. But I agree the base line cayenne wouldn't be but the turbo S yes as its like 3x the price.
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