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I would like to point out a few things. Just because this is funny.

1. Vision, stop posting. Please. You pretty much wore out your keyboard for the last 7 pages just to question yourself when someone with real knowledge called you out. Congrats.

2. The light being dimly on is common during cold starts, or mornings with lots of moisture/dew. It sits on the sensor, gives it some connectivity, and faintly glows. Ask me how I know.

3. Lvlatthew, I made the same thread. Except my oil light was constant at idle, then went away under throttle. The car being under load/throttle will make up for the loss of oil pressure. I was advised to check my pick-up, sure enough it was mangled. Some of these guys are going over-board. I understand there trying to make a point, but it seems as if you're younger, while most here are adults. Which they probably don't understand. I'm sure when they're fathers, and one of there kids friends/internet forum buddies calls them crude names, they won't be to pleased.

With that being said, before purchasing a WRX, you should have done a little more research, and been prepared to pay repairs/bills on a sports car. I'm not saying that you didn't, but some of your posts imply it.

To me, it seems like a fluke. I've also seen threads where people have just checked the pick-up tube for peace of mind, only to find it cracked.

If I were you (in a situation where you have extra funds), I'd try to find a ride for the next few days, order a pick-up, and have the mechanic pull the pan.

Also, if you want to learn more about gauges, make a separate topic so it doesn't get cluttered, like this one has.

Hope this helps, from someone who has personally experienced both scenarios (moisture causing dimming light & cracked pick-up tube.)
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