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2002 WRX - 750WHP
9.5s @ 150mph



Originally Posted by renosubby View Post

Was going for a 60-130 time. But here you go
50-100mph Time: 4.73 seconds

Originally Posted by Slimsti View Post
50-100mph Time: 6.16 seconds

^Is the DOM3 really slower than he Green? Or is it the tune? I double checked the video, and that time is right.

Originally Posted by renosubby View Post
50-100 new - YouTube
New one. Raised rev limit. Only 23.5 psi. A lot colder temp
Went the track. Ran 11.04 @ 126.4 on 91
50-100mph Time: 4.52 seconds

^Your shifts are right at 100mph so it's hard to get a good time. You are probably a tenth or two quicker than this if the gearing matched up.

Originally Posted by rcm scoob View Post
heres an idea what mine did,no vid though,

2.3 built engine
billet 35/82
injectors not sure, either 11, 12 or 1300s got 8 injector set up but only using 4 for fuel so might remove other 4
parallel fuel rails
motec ecu
motec knock control
carbonetic tripple plate clutch
carbon fibre prop
twin bosch motorsports fuel pumps
plus all the usual extras,
cars off the road till march so cant do any vids till then, should be about used to the go pro3 by then
50-100mph Time: 4.3 seconds

^If only everyone had a VBOX! It would save me hours of stepping through low res cell phone videos!

Originally Posted by ckyguy68 View Post
Mine is more like a 60-120. The combo of turbo lag with 06 gearing works against me in the 50-100. I tried brake boosting off 50mph and it came out to around 4 seconds but should be much faster.

600+whp STI 3rd and 4th gear pull (8500 rpm) [STIROID] - YouTube
50-100mph Time: 4.48 seconds

^This one is also hard to get a good time for because you brake boosted slightly over 50mph. Your car is obviously much faster than that 50-100mph time indicates. Maybe roll into it at 30 or 40mph and it will be somewhat spooled as it goes through 50mph?

Originally Posted by RancerEvorution View Post
3rd-5th with my 210lbs buddy as a passenger and a full trunk of both our luggage. clocked it at 7 flat.

Sti 3rd-5th pull - YouTube

car made 335/420 on 93 pump on TheShopCT's dyno

ran a best of a 12.30 @110

335whp and 420wtq on TheShopCT's dyno
Cobb Access Port (STiMikey Pro Tune)
Invidia Q300 Cat Back Exhaust
Invidia Downpipe Divorced Wastegate
IAG Performance External 44mm V-Band Wastegate Uppipe Kit
GTSpec GEN II equal length headers
Tial MV-R Wastegate 44mm
KStech 73mm Cold Air Intake
Cobb BOV
Perrin FMIC w. custom IC piping
Hallman PRO Boost Controller Kit
Walboro 255 fuel pump
NGK Iridium "1-Step Colder" Spark Plugs
50-100mph Time: 7.39 seconds

^Sorry, I don't see 7 flat. Stepping frame by frame gives me 7.39 seconds. Still a great time. Very, very good shifts! My car on E85 did a similar time! You have more mods and better driving, which is quite an accomplishment to do on pump gas! My was also trapping around 110-112mph and made 340WHP on the dyno, so the 50-100mph metric does seem to correlate fairly well to trap and dyno numbers. I think you trapped higher recently, do you have any new 50-100mph video?

Originally Posted by AirManCam View Post
Here's a better video of my car.
Subaru Sti 35r speedo - YouTube
50-100mph Time: 3.89 seconds

^That's fast!

Originally Posted by dmjhockey19 View Post
Vehicle: 2004 Sti
Motor: MPS built 2.6L
Turbo: Blouch Dom 5XT-R
Boost: 22-23 for now
Transmission: Stock 04 Sti tranny
Redline: 7500
Upgrades: -DW300 fuel pump
-Bosch FPR
-blah blah blah. Lots of stuff
oh and pump 93

sti 50-100 - YouTube
50-100mph Time: 4.33 seconds

Originally Posted by nattywrx View Post
Heres mine

50-100mph nasioc - YouTube

I was doing a quick 3-4 pull. I think it was around 6 seconds.


Walbro 255
Blouch 16G-XT
Stock Ej20 and tranny
-Full Bolt ons
-Hybrid boost controller setup
-Opensource tuned
50-100mph Time: 6.99 seconds

^Didn't start at 50mph to it's hard to get an accurate time. Probably could be slightly quicker than what's listed above if you post a valid run.

Originally Posted by xluben View Post
50-100mph Time: 5.38 seconds 20psi
50-100mph Time: 4.91 seconds 24psi
50-100mph Time: 4.37 seconds 27psi

Originally Posted by tachrev View Post
Wanted to join the fun and set a baseline...according to iMovie I'm at about 7.7 seconds. I just barely touched 100, so it might be a few tenths longer.

3rd-4th pull.

Here's my oddball setup, I love it:

Vehicle: 2004 WRX Sedan
Motor: 2.2L Phase 1 NA stock shortblock /w stock EJ205 heads 9.0:1 Comp
Turbo: VF39
Boost: 16psi no taper
Transmission: Stock 5 Speed
Redline: 7000rpm
Fuel: 93
Other Stuff:
  • Ebay Catless Downpipe
  • Stock Catback Exhaust
  • Stock TMIC
  • AP Hard Inlet
  • Stock Intake /w duct to foglight and K&N Panel
  • Modded Stock Injectors
  • TGV Deletes
  • OS Tuned by me
Weight: Full Stock Weight + Driver - Subframe U Brace
50-100MPH: ~7.7sec

Everything else is pretty much stock with 177K miles on it!

wrx 50-100 - YouTube

tachrev 2004 Subaru WRX NA NA 2.2L 4cyl VF39 16psi 93oct NA NA NA NA NA NA 7.7
50-100mph Time: 7.83 seconds

^Hard to tell exactly because you didn't quite hit 100mph on the speedo.

Originally Posted by idratherbesurfing View Post
Vehicle: 2011 Sti hatch
Motor: stock
Turbo: stock
Boost: 19.5
Transmission: stock
Upgrades: Invidia catless dp, p&l race catback, aem intake, dw65 fuel pump, Custom tune at AKUMA by John

2011 Sti 50-100 - YouTube

its got to be atleast 7 sec...but im going to pretend its 4 so i feel better. hahah btw awesome thread!
50-100mph Time: 8.27 seconds

^Good baseline run. Nothing wrong with that time for the mods you have. What did Akuma's dyno say you made?
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