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Corpsman Up

United States Navy Corpsman… The best medical profession. Those who are not familiar, Corpsmen are the “Well Versed” medical personnel of the Navy/Marine Corps.

In my opinion, the lifestyle is ideal. Work hard, play harder. The diverse range of men, women, jobs (NEC/MOS) creates an atmosphere for the ultimate learning experiences. Life lessons and technical lessons are plentiful. I enjoy the dynamic involved with the military lifestyle. Being ready to serve means physical training, mental training, and knowing what is required to be prepared. Sharing that passion with the people I served with was fantastic. I disregarded those who were negative, demeaning towards the service or who where enlisted for the wrong reasons. Negativety is inevitable. Staying positive, and motivated is the only way serve, and to live life. My intention was to serve 20 years, at year 6 the PDRL (Permanent Disability Retirement List) had my name on it.

Every day I recollect on active duty life and would go back in without question. There are too many achievements in the service to not stay motivated. Awards, qualifications, advancement, physical readiness scores, earning the respect from Marines (a must for Docs), completing the mission, wearing the uniform, 96hr liberty… the goes on. Video games can be a blast, but there’s nothing like pursing the ranks to be a Master Chief in real life. No complaints necessary... You get out what you put in.

The opportunity to tread throughout the U.S. and all over the world will never be forgotten. To all Armed Forces Members past, present, and future…Thank You.

Fortunately with veteran benefits, I am continuing my career in medicine. The GI Bill alone is not enough, meaning there’s a definite limit to car associated funds. (I’ll let you know when I reach it.)
__________________________________________________ _____________

Anytime you entire a heavily populated military region, there are nice cars to be found. Deployment money, allowances, base pay… used to buy, and modify. As rough as service life may get, a car is somehow a relate-able inanimate object for most military enthusiasts. Whether overseas, long duty hours, trouble with personal life… the car is always an out.

The car for me is a refuge. Always there as the go-to buddy who's consistently motivated to either look sharp or work hard. The fact that I can escape for an hour, if only to wash the car, means some recuperation for me. Inanimate?... Considering the persona and character it projects, the car might as well be alive. Perhaps this is the reason the car receives the attentiveness it does. The medicinal role the car plays in keeping my mind at ease is needed. Maintain, provide quality parts, have the car associate with other cars of high quality… all to keep the car, a part of me, healthy.

In reality, I view the car as a great piece of art. The engineering, design, and creativeness involved with developing a great machine makes the thrill of modifying a car very unique.
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Considering the route of modifications, in some ways the WRX offered a better starting platform than the WRX STi. Beginning with a base model allowed modification to stay unique. I decided to add what Subaru Tecnica International would to the WRX trim, at my discretion. The most difficult part to my modification plan, is balance. Being unique, without taking the car out of character is the task. That means being pragmatic, yet creative enough to achieve an aesthetically pleasing and powerful car.

Modifying... The mind set is to take the car to the next level. This must be achieved without losing the essence of the STi. The addition of throwback gold Brembo calipers, and acquisition of original STi parts transformed this WRX into a car not available from the factory. The performance aspects of the car exceed expectations. Minus a few factory STi driveline items, the car incorporates every bolt-on available, and relies on the Dom 1.5 XT-R and E85 to stay competitive. From the engine to suspension the WRX reliably manages street and track duty.

The immediate limiting factor is fueling. The Dom 1.5 XT-R and E85 make the car a blast. At this time power output is nowhere near full potential. The limitations are being addressed.

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Engine/ Performance:
- AEM Intake
- Perrin 3" Inlet
- Blouch Dom 1.5 XT-R: 10cm Turbine Housing 3" Compressor Inlet
- Process West TMIC
- Forge BPV
- TGVs Deleted
- Deatschwerks 65c Fuel Pump
- Fuel Injector Clinic 900cc Injectors
- Equal Length Headers (wrapped)
- Grimmspeed Up Pipe (coated)
- Tial 44mm External Waste Gate
- Down Pipe (catless)
- STi S206 Exhaust
- Moroso Catch Cans
- Grimmspeed 3-port Boost Control Solenoid
- Grimmspeed Ceramic Coated Heat Shield
- PTP Turbo Blanket
- COBB EWG Bracket
- Cosworth Air Pump Delete Plates
- STi Oil Cap

- Racecomp Engineering Tarmac II Coilovers: KW Variant 3s to RCE Spec | Front Hyperco – Rear Swift Spings 400/400lb
- Vorshlag Camber Plates
- Whiteline Steering Rack Bushings
- Whiteline Roll Center/Bump Steer Correction Kit
- Whiteline Anti Lift Kit/Caster Correction Kit
- Whiteline Control Arm Bushings
- Whiteline Front Sway Bar 22mm
- Whiteline Rear Sway Bar 22mm
- Whiteline Rear Sway Bar Braces

- Kartboy Short Throw Shifter
- Kartboy Front Shifter Bushings
- Kartboy Rear Shifter Bushing
- Kartboy Pitch Stop Mount

- Brembo Gold Gran Turismo 4-Pot Calipers: Front
- Brembo Gold Gran Turismo 2-Pot Calipers: Rear
- Brembo Slotted Rotors
- Brembo Street Brake Pads
- Goodridge Stainless Steel Brake Lines

- ChargeSpeed (Replica) Front Lip
- STi Side Skirts
- STi R205 Side Fender Badges
- STi Rear Fog Light
- STi/ S206 Sport Muffler
- SPT Vortex Generator (SWP)
- Gloss Black Roof
- Cusco Antenna
- LED Tail lights
- Headlight Amber Black
- Subaru Emblems Black
- 20% Tint

- SMY Gauge Cluster
- Subaru/STi Boost Gauge (Defi)
- Subaru/STi Oil Temperature Gauge (Defi)
- JCS A-pillar Gauge Pod
- AEM UEGO Air/ Fuel Ratio Gauge
- WC Lathewerks Hybrid Piston Shift Knob
- Scosche Holder (AP)
- 3M Vinyl
- LED Lighting
- Audio Control LC2i Line Output Converter
- Kicker BassStation 10” Sub

Wheels/ Tires:
- RAYS GramLights 57Xtreme
Semi-Gloss Black | 18x9.5 +40 | RAYS Centercaps
- Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 265/35


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