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OK buy Nates beans


Originally Posted by HinshawWRX View Post
He has basically a new car, why would he waste the time and possible money doing a compression check when Subaru will do it under warranty?

because subaru may LIE and/or the tech is incompetent and/or wont disclose actual/acurate numbers
THAT is why


Who's to say the tune is worth a damn? Maybe there was an issue with the tune, but he didn't data log so he couldn't see it? An intake and exhaust with a tune can blow a motor, but I'm glad you FEEL it shouldn't with your expansive knowledge.

Dropping a $1500 computer and breaking a 5K engine is completely different.

Subaru doesn't sell intakes for newer models anymore. And Subaru dealers do not do tunes, only Subaru updated tunes.

Care to try again?

yeah....things aint quite the same as some want them to be, i think
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