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Originally Posted by chanomatik View Post
I know what an M is, thanks. Sedan versus SUV is all I was mentioning. I'm talking more about size. You can't honestly sit there and claim that you don't think it's more likely that a lawyer would drive a sedan or coupe over a hybrid or SUV, traditionally speaking? Maybe, possibly post-Recession lawyers, but I'm still stuck on pre-Recession, if you need to know where I'm coming from.




Understand this: image. Not talking about price or performance.

Just for emphasis and giggles, here's a thread that asks: Best Lawyer Cars?

On Topic:

HItoAK, was this the Outback you seen't?
You still didn't answer the original question not that it matters now. Anyway, I wasn't arguing about what lawyer's drive but more of what most would perceive as to what they would drive. I know of lawyers that ride their bike even in this weather to ones that just drive a prius. Mentalities obviously changed over time but traditionally speaking most people perceive lawyers to drive higher end cars not that it really matters what they drive coupe, sedan, SUV, and etc.

So you did a quick google search, posted a few pics of mentioned cars that I had to point out still doesn't prove you knew what it was prior to me pointing it out. However, I'm glad you took the time to learn more about the cars since you didn't know before because if you did you wouldn't have made the comment in the first place. I'm glad I got you thinking and now you know what each is if you see it on the road.
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