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Originally Posted by chanomatik View Post
Haha I know, I know. It was specifically directed at evocharger. You and I tend to be on the same page (I blame age range and Jersey), but evo is analytically deficient (or lacks imagination, I'm still debating), so I was attempting to spell it out for him. It wasn't a "right or wrong" discussion like he usually makes them out to be, but more a discussion of perception.

I think your car is hawt and more lawyers should be driving them. A know many prefer the Lexus 350 sedans and such. I love Lexus' styling. You're correct, though, people in general are sue-happy! I know this, but I was just making a joke that's been beaten to death at this point.

Kyle, turn that thing back in and get a different color, son!
I kid! Congrats! I can't wait to see your smiling facing driving around in it.
I lack imagination and is this coming from someone that think's a 328i is in the same league as an M3........ You would think someone whom is a committed car enthusiast would be able to distinguish the difference. I don't own a suby but I can tell the difference between an impreza and an STI as there not even in the same league.
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