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Originally Posted by UK-Wagon View Post
Do smell I a Troll thread?

stage 2.52 and stage 3.52????

No, you do NOT have a Mitsubishi TD04 in youre 08 unless you did some kind of a swap to a 06 WRX setup.

Do more homework, or if this is a Troll thread..... try harder next time
You definitely don't know what you're talking about.

Originally Posted by mechatricity View Post
I had to google it. Stage 2.52 is a Torqued Performance map for a VF52 on an 08 WRX.

OP: don't ask US what you need for SOMEONE ELSES map. Ask Torqued Performance.
Correct, these are TP map designations.

To the OP:

Once you swap the turbo, you're basically at the "Stage 2" level for all the 09+ WRX's. Many, many people run this setup with stock injectors and fuel pump. The fuel system will be the ultimate limiter to your power, but it's not "unsafe" to run with the stock injectors and pump as long as the tune is designed around these limitations.

If you want more headroom and don't plan to upgrade any more in the future, then you can do very slight fueling upgrades for peace of mind. 650's or 750's would be plenty of injector and any aftermarket pump would be fine (Walbro 255 is cheapest, DW 65c is a drop in).
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