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Originally Posted by vicious_fishes View Post
few basic questions:

what's this madness with lower engine mounts? if i'm swapping, what am i doing with crossmembers/mounts?
I don't know what the madness is with lower engine mounts. Stock mounts will drop right into your stock crossmember.

Originally Posted by vicious_fishes View Post
ez30's: i like the simplicity of no avcs and a cable throttle, but single port headers are very undesirable right?
Well, they're certainly not optimal, but whether they're "very undesirable" is hard to say. Depends on what you want to get out of the engine. In stock form, the EZ30D is still a heckuva lot more powerful than an EJ25, even with the single exhaust port on the heads. This is a comparison of the advertised power/torque curves for the EZ30D and EJ25D. So, if you just want an engine with more power and torque than a N/A EJ25, then the EZ30D will suffice. If you're trying to really optimize the power from the 3.0L, then the single port heads are definitely a stumbling block. How much of a stumbling block is awfully hard to say, since there's almost nobody doing any modding of either the EZ30D or the EZ30R.

Originally Posted by vicious_fishes View Post
oil pans & pumps: the pans are interchangeable between the ej's and ez's, but what about the pickups, baffles & pumps?
Not sure where you got the notion that the oil pans are interchangeable. They're not even remotely close to being compatible. The oil pumps are different, too. Not sure about the pickup, as I haven't removed the oil pan from my EZ30R, but I would imagine it's different as well.

Edit: Here's a shot of the oil pump:

And this shot wasn't intended to be a picture of the oil pan, but it's the best I've got. You can see that the oil pan is a two piece deal, with the bulk of it being a cast aluminum structure that is really part of the block. I think a lot of engines are built this way now-a-days - the oil pan isn't just a stamped steel thing bolted to the bottom of the block, it's actually a structural component to help strengthen the engine.
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