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Originally Posted by betterthansx View Post
Modified cars rarely if ever are worth more than a stock counterpart. Only the odd car like a Supra or TT Gallardo are exceptions to this rule.

It is hard to forget the past yes, but put things into perspective. Look at Ford. A lot of people are still stuck with the stigma that Ford makes crap cars and they are junk.

Ford is making AMAZING cars right now. Great quality and engineering compared to even 5 years ago. Before someone sihts on this point, yes some cars have had problems, but what manufacturer doesn't. So again, put things into perspective.

You and everyone else on this forum aren't in the position to make that assumption. If I had $1m to spend on a car, I would buy a Hennessey in a heart beat, but that is me. I don't have $1m either, so I do not know what my car purchasing mind would be into.

What rich people want when shopping for a car like this is Exclusivity/Fast/Price in that order.

We cannot say whether the car is worth it or not because we cannot afford it, or have ever, or will ever, have a chance to drive/ride in one.
Modified cars are rarely worth more than their stock counterparts. But in the case of the Viper, generally mods keep a car over 10k miles on par, if not, slightly more valuable than stock. In the case of Hennessey, people in the "know" will not touch one of the cars because there is a good chance that what's inside the engine isn't as good as a stock car. Hennessey's name is tainted.

I think Ford has done great things in recent years. But Ford has proven that they are making a great product now, it's very easy to see. Hennessey on the other hand is saying that they are better, but proof is in the pudding; look at the GTR examples noted above, I'm not seeing a change in the quality department. Another issue for Hennessey is their competitors make a better quality product in all aspects.

I don't have $1m to drop on a car. But I could send my Murcielago to Underground and have it produce more than 1500hp and not look like an Elise or worry about what parts are or are not on my car. There is nothing exclusive about a modified Lotus body on a tube chassis with an LSx.
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