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I doubt any of you will be able to make it due to the distance but I wanted to extend the offer.

Annual Secret Santa Meet!

This Thursday (tomorrow) we will be meeting at Valhalla Crossing to put our names in a hat and choose who we have for our Secret Santa.

The actual exchange of the gifts will be held on Thursday Dec. 20th at Candlelight Inn. They have a separate building to have parties in so we'll choose that room. Parking is limited in the main lot but I think there's a back or side lot to park in. I'll call to confirm.

Thursday Dec. 6th
Valhalla Crossing
Picking of names
2 Cleveland Street
Valhalla, NY 10595
(914) 682-4076

Thursday Dec. 20th
Candlelight Inn
Gift Exchange
519 Central Park Avenue
Scarsdale, NY 10583
(914) 472-9706

Let me know if you can't make it and I'll put your name in the hat and someone will randomly choose your Secret Santa for you.

Reminder of what we've already discussed:

Originally Posted by Donzo View Post
Ok, I can organize it again this year if you guys want. However, you ass hole cocksuckers have to show up to the meet/exchange. I got shafted by the immigrant trumpet player last year.

We can handle it 1 of 3 ways...

1. We'll have a meet and everyone that wants to participate can pick a name out of a hat. We'll keep it at $25 gift (unless you want to spend more).

2. You PM me your full name, mailing address, email and phone number. After everyone has submitted their info, I'll have Georgette randomly pick names and PM you your Secret Santa.

3. I could make this a FB event since it'll probably a bit easier to organize since you guys can RSVP. If you don't have FB, we don't want you to be our friend.

If you don't show up, I'm going to have tirk and JiveMaster photoshop nudes from your Facebook page and I'll post them in every Subaru Fb page and tag you in every one. I'll also mail packages of dildos and gay porn and stale feces. If I get mad enough, I might even throw a molotov cocktail at your house.
Originally Posted by Donzo View Post
We used to have meets every Thursday for 5 or 6 years. Then, as the original members moved on, the newer/younger members are as useful as a box of used condoms and no one plans, responds to or goes to the meets.

I typically organized the meets every week but people would complain about location EVERY SINGLE WEEK yet wouldn't suggest another location... so we just bickered like a bunch of school girls. I gave up and no one really took over the reins. I'd be more than happy to start organizing meets again if people stopped being bitches and participated. We can change how we choose locations if you want, I don't really care. It would be cool to all get together again. Maybe choose 1 location per month? This year we all fell off with meets.
Originally Posted by Donzo View Post
One thing I need to bring up regarding Secret Santa is the actual gift selection. It appears that some people got a little annoyed that they spent $25+ on their secret Santa but in return they got $25 worth of gag gifts like a dildo, blow up doll, etc. I don't think we need to set up rules on what to give since that's part of the fun, but maybe try not to give just a useless gift. While a dildo, blowup doll are hilarious, you know that's a bit disappointing when others are going home with a tool set or t-shirt and you have a dildo. At least include something useful like a small bottle of alcohol (if the person is of age) or a hat, etc. Also, put a little bit of thought into the gift. That's the point of doing it this way where we know who we're getting ahead of time.

Also, we need to figure out the location. I think the last 2 years we had it at Holy Smoke not only because the food is good and it's affordable but because they're large enough to handle 10-15 of us easily AND it's not a super formal family place where exchanging dildos and blow up dolls will offend everyone in the joint.

Do you guys want to keep it there or elsewhere? If elsewhere, give a suggestion.

And last but not least, the date. Would you prefer before Christmas or after? It'll likely be on a Thursday night to keep the tradition going.

And if any of you don't have Facebook... PM, text, call or email me to be included. I'm going to create a FB event once we iron out the details
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