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Originally Posted by xluben View Post

50-100mph Time: 4.73 seconds

50-100mph Time: 6.16 seconds

^Is the DOM3 really slower than he Green? Or is it the tune? I double checked the video, and that time is right.

50-100mph Time: 4.52 seconds

^Your shifts are right at 100mph so it's hard to get a good time. You are probably a tenth or two quicker than this if the gearing matched up.

50-100mph Time: 4.3 seconds

^If only everyone had a VBOX! It would save me hours of stepping through low res cell phone videos!

50-100mph Time: 4.48 seconds

^This one is also hard to get a good time for because you brake boosted slightly over 50mph. Your car is obviously much faster than that 50-100mph time indicates. Maybe roll into it at 30 or 40mph and it will be somewhat spooled as it goes through 50mph?

50-100mph Time: 7.39 seconds

^Sorry, I don't see 7 flat. Stepping frame by frame gives me 7.39 seconds. Still a great time. Very, very good shifts! My car on E85 did a similar time! You have more mods and better driving, which is quite an accomplishment to do on pump gas! My was also trapping around 110-112mph and made 340WHP on the dyno, so the 50-100mph metric does seem to correlate fairly well to trap and dyno numbers. I think you trapped higher recently, do you have any new 50-100mph video?

50-100mph Time: 3.89 seconds

^That's fast!

50-100mph Time: 4.33 seconds

50-100mph Time: 6.99 seconds

^Didn't start at 50mph to it's hard to get an accurate time. Probably could be slightly quicker than what's listed above if you post a valid run.

50-100mph Time: 5.38 seconds 20psi
50-100mph Time: 4.91 seconds 24psi
50-100mph Time: 4.37 seconds 27psi

50-100mph Time: 7.83 seconds

^Hard to tell exactly because you didn't quite hit 100mph on the speedo.

50-100mph Time: 8.27 seconds

^Good baseline run. Nothing wrong with that time for the mods you have. What did Akuma's dyno say you made?
Damn, I didn't think me being 50 WHP down from lowering the boost would make that much of a difference!
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