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Originally Posted by vision.dynamix View Post
Boost creep is a function of the wastegate not flowing enough bypassing the turbine wheel.

VF39, VF43, VF48. Wanna know what the only difference in them is? The size of the wastegate.

The added backpressure from a catted pipe helps.
Or you can port the wastegate.
Or you can run EWG.

boost creep is a mechanical issue where the hotside housing is mal formed and exhaust gasses dont get directed TRROUGH the wg opening

i have cured several 'boost creep' 'issues' with a dremel on the housing

and it had NOTHING WHAT EVER to do with enlarging the wg opening that the flapper covers

the vf39 is the VIsta of ihi turbos.....they sucked all the way around
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