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Originally Posted by hunteragp View Post
Yup, it looks like its the front 02 sensor. When mine went bad the AP would read very lean while my wide band would go rich (very). It's a terrible idea to go WOT with a problem like that. When the O2 sensor is reading lean the ECU compensates with more fuel. I was seeing 25% AF Correction! Cruising AFRs were on the10's! Change that sensor and install the new one carefully this time then reset the ECU.
haha normal off highway cruising I'd actually see between -8 and +8 corrections, but a lot of the time it was 0. It was only when I pulled on the highway that the factory (new) sensor went nuts (20+) and the AEM went richer and I too saw the AF#1 correction go to 25 and stay there...! When I was around town, the wideband and factory sensor pretty much were in agreement, keeping it pretty close to 14.7.

I hope they actually will exchange it as the damn thing got half mangled when I took it out

****ty e-bay manifold I inherited when I bought the car, motor in boxes... Lessons learned. I wish I had the stocker. I realized just the other day that it was an equal length, too, of all things, and it clicked as to why my STi didn't sound like a friggen subaru. Grr.
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