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Originally Posted by Dillinja666 View Post
Yes I'm having a friggin fire sale around my house of all my spare parts to get ready for the big bang. I looked into the boost control valve and found oil in it and cleaned it out with break clean and dried it but still no real change in boost, went from 10.1 to 10.6 ( which is when I logged )

I hit 25 PSI and really fast got off the throttle, i didnt let it peg its self out. Should I let it peg or not a good idea?

I was thinking the turbo may be out since since all the oil in the intake system, oil consumption and low boost...


id be driving it easy until you figure it out.....this may be an issue that you can live with for a bit until it lets go.....i know one guy who drove his EASY for quite a while---like almost a year....with 80psi compression in one cylinder.....and just had to add oil to it
tore it down and just hadda hone it out for the rebuild...he got real lucky

if you got good compression NOW...and baby may be a LOT less of an issue later

and you may figure out that it is another issue that woulda made it blow up if you drove it dont
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