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Originally Posted by Slimsti View Post
Didn't you hit around 3.8 or 3.9? From xlubens testing it seems every 15whp is good for 1/10 second off ur time. If that's the case about 75whp should have u at or below 3.5...
In my testing every 40WHP increase gave me 1/2 second. I think I did my math wrong before. That's 80WHP per second or 8WHP for 1/10 sec. That seems a little optimistic, but that's what I saw. Also consider that's within a limited range and also only using 1 gear. Peak power doesn't necessarily correlate to the powerband you have. Simple math says:

WHP    50-100
300    7.0
350    6.4
400    5.8
450    5.1
500    4.5
550    3.9
600    3.3
650    2.6
Overall it seems like it could be ballpark correct, but not perfect. I'm sure the linear relationship will not hold up with higher power (or possibly lower power). I will try to do a better correlation sometime. If more people had power numbers it would be a little easier..
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