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Originally Posted by Ernest View Post
1. 1973 911 RS
I'd love a '73 RS, but I'd be too scared I'd damage it to do anything with it. I mean, sure, I'd do parade laps, but it's a Porsche. It's built for hot laps. I'd do an RS replica instead, so I could thrash on it hard without guilt.

tl;dr version of my list. Note: While I have multiples for many numbers, I'd only have one of each of the cars, so each is still just one garage spot.
1) Telsa Model S, Panamera, or maybe big Merc.
2) Gallardo Spyder, classic roadster, or Miata & motorcycle
3) Older 911, modernized and track prepped... or maybe an Exige.
4) A rock crawler and/or dune-buggy type car.
5) Tow vehicle to transport all of the above.

1) In a 5-car garage, I'd have a few different roles I'd want filled. First would be the cushy big sedan for getting around comfortably. This would be something big and modern, and I'd be fine with automatics, etc. There's a part of me that says Tesla Model S. It's big, with a nice back seat, two big storage compartments (a trunk and a frunk), and good city manners. But I'm not sure I'd be satisfied with its long-range behavior. If I decided to go with it anyway, or if the technology improves (is driven by hydrogen or similar, and not primarily batteries):

If I wanted to stay away from the new technologies, it'd be hard to say. We have a Porsche in the garage, and I've spent time driving the Panamera. Though it's not a looker (ok, I admit it, it's ugly), it's a fantastic car to drive. Other than looking a bit awkward, it fits the role extremely well. Porsche has also earned loyalty from how they've handled us with our other Porsches, so the Panamera is high in the running. If the ugly was just too much, I'd probably go "down" to a big Merc. The big sedan is what Mercedes does, and they're great at putting just a bit of RAWR in their cars with RWD power. They're fun to drive, despite the size and weight (at least if you get the right ones).

2) The second car's role will be a street toy, something that I can toss around on the street, carefree. It must be a convertible, must "dance" with me on the street, must maneuver well in the city and on the back roads, and must make me happy. My Miata is a fantastic "budget" version of this. There's a decent chance I'd stick with a Miata (or a Miata and a motorcycle) in this role, even with unlimited funds / in a dream garage, because they're just so good at it. But with money, I'd give other cars a chance to try. One of the cars I'd try would be a Gallardo Spyder. It's fun, powerful, etc. But it's big and low, with a bit more overhang than I think I'd want in the "easy and fun on the street" car. It'd be worth a try, though:

Alternatively, I might look for a classic car to fill this role. Unfortunately, I don't know enough about them to choose one. I don't want something as fiddly as a classic British roadster, but I would want something of that basic, fun character, with an emphasis on handling more than power.

3) Next up, a track toy. My current preference would be for an older 911, heavily modernized. I love rear-engined behavior, I love short wheelbases, I love 911s, but I'd want to take advantage of the technological advances of the past few decades. While this was getting built, or if it proved to be problematic, I'd have either a modern GT3 RS or an Exige in the mean time. Something vaguely of this nature:

4) An offroader / rock crawler. I can't tell you which one, as I have netiher the time nor money to do to the research to choose. I'm not concerned with uniqueness - something that's common and good would be just fine for me. I want reliable and durable, along with capable. And maybe a bit less extreme in crawling so it could do some dune-buggy style stuff, too. No pics, 'cuz no clue what!

5) Uh... I dunno.... That seems to cover my basic wants - practical, comfortable car, fun street car, track car, offroad car. Perhaps this one should be a nice, effective tow vehicle to haul around all the toys. Which one would, of course, depend on my exact needs and what is available at the time. No pics, because "just some truck". Probably white, because Texas.
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