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Originally Posted by Plasmabluewrx View Post
Yeah I've debated modding the suspension. I know there's a lot to be gained from a tic bushing/bars package but I think for me it's just more the whole package. The trans/ seats/ brakes/ wheels/ dccd/ just the whole enchilada. I think another part of my thought process is while its easy to make a WRX much better the STi has lots of the function and will retain its value better.
WRXs hold their value just as good as the STI, if not a little better. Both cars are in serious demand and selling them outright (2009+ models, both WRX and STI) often result in selling the car for merely a couple thousand than the price paid when new. I honestly can't think of another car on the market that retains value like the cars do. Most cars shed about 30-45% of their value in the first three years. These cars loose about 10%. That's amazing. Will the STI be more valueable? Absolutely, and only really because it costs you significantly more from the start.

Many of the WRX's perceived ills are easily corrected. Sloppy shifter? Buy bushings and an STS for around $150. Don't like the softer ride? Swap in Koni/Bilsteins and RCE springs for $1200 or just do the shocks for $800 since that's where most of the improvement comes from. Don't like the initial lean into turns (which really doesn't affect handling that much)? By a $90 STI rear sway bar and do the springs/shocks. Don't like the "feel" of the brakes? Buy a $70 set of Stop Tech Street pads.

Remember, the STI comes with near race spec, wider rubber which is largely why it can generate nearly 1g of grip vs the WRX's still impressive 0.90g of grip. Change the tires on the WRX and you'll get nearly the same amount of grip on a softer stock suspension. While you're at it, why not just change out the 17" WRX rims to a set of 18X8.5 to 18X9s and improve the looks? If I had an STI, I'd still change out the rims to differiate and improve the looks.

Then there's the fuel mileage. For whatever reason, the STI sees about 15% less MPG than the WRX. For 10,000 miles driven in a year at 91+ fuel at ~$3.80/gal, you're looking at an extra $450-500 in annual fuel costs.
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