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Originally Posted by Leafy View Post
Just get the wideband installed already. Its going to take you about an hour to install it, just go do it. If the wideband also reads that lean, you've got a massive leak (doubt it) or a misfire (remember, fail to fire miss fires read lean on bosch lambda sensors because of how they function). Or if the wideband reads normal, the sensor and/or wiring like likely funked.

To answer the ecu question. You can have only certain circuits on an ecu fail, and you can have internal connection of the board fail over time from fatigue. Its really uncommon but it happens.
Curious -- how about the possibility I fried the sensor during the "fail to inject" problem I discovered that was the cause of the #1 cyl misfire that took me nearly 50+ miles to track down? Could be.

Either way, I'm going to need to plug & weld in said plug in the stock spot on these ebay headers and weld up the bung that came w/ my UEGO somewhere new to re-mount the stock o2 -- the ebay bung not only places the sensor so it hits the frame when the engine torques (this is my second suspect cause of the sensor problems, the end was bent) -- but is also stripped so badly I will not even attempt to screw a brand new sensor in.

Even if I can get it in, I doubt it will hold, and am pretty sure it'll bend again. Now I just need to find a good place to relocate the stocker -- and a drill bit big enough! Anyone know what size they actually are? I notice it's kind of got a lip on the weld-on bung and it's gotta probably be either 19mm or 3/4" I'm thinking, which is one big ass drill bit.
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