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Originally Posted by Equilibrium Tuning View Post
Easy there Jr. What does an 09 baseline on your dyno?

As far as traps, guys out here are not nearly as into drag as they are in your area. I'm trying to arrange a drag day for these guys though so hopefully we can have some traps to back it up soon.

-- Ed

Ok what does 560 in a GTR trap on your dyno... er I mean at the track

Originally Posted by CatfaceType-R View Post
I think you bit off more than you can chew.

I also tire of your "my way or the highway" tuning and theories. (Which I have personal experience with) God must have given you the midas touch.

I think you need to play six more games of mine sweeper, I mean a six hour pump gas stage 2 tune...

We're all dumb, jr's numbers are your averages on a drunk day, you're the, set, and match.
Precisely what I was getting at.

Originally Posted by Equilibrium Tuning View Post
^^^ What are you talking about? You might have me confused with someone else?

Jr. knows what he's doing and can obviously tune a car for some serious trap speeds. I was just comparing against the baselines we see here and our results. I don't think I ever mentioned anything about tuning styles or theories.
You need to calm down. Just cars here and a discussion. Hell, we're discussing GT-R's on a subie forum... who cares? I guess I struck a nerve

-- Ed
See that? Its those little underlying comments..

Originally Posted by Equilibrium Tuning View Post
On a technical note Jr, I've never messed with FTW fuel. Got any details on it? Any theory as to why it would make so much more power with no additional boost or timing?

-- Ed


Originally Posted by CatfaceType-R View Post
No, I speak fact. You're trying to make other tuners look bad or that u solely know stuff to make big power, par your usual m.o.

Please, come correct on the keyboard.

Originally Posted by Equilibrium Tuning View Post
I'm not trying to make anyone look bad. If I came off that way, my apologies.

FWIW, a stock 09-10 GT-R does 380whp on our dyno. Its all about the baselines and gains.

-- Ed
Right? Its all about the baseline and gains, so why are you posting your OPINION about what it would make on your dyno?
who cares about the dyno. Anyone with a mustang, dd, dynacom, dynolog, dynapack can alter the baseline and power output. I CANT TOUCH ANYTHING ON A DYNOJET.. What it spits out, is what you get.. I'm not saying you are altering numbers either..

Show me some GTR trap speeds. Buschur style.. The car made 700 my Mustang dyno reads low, then backs it up with 150mph pass at the track.. Or [email protected] he says it reads low, and then bust out a 145+mph traps out of a 580-600hp car.

Originally Posted by Slimsti View Post
Nice numbers. That FTW is no joke. There must be more to this arguing then this thread otherwise I'm lost as to the hostility
It is great fuel, if you want to set a record or run a number at the track this is the stuff to do it with.

Just years of Ed putting his dyno numbers into everyone's threads.

Originally Posted by xluben View Post
Honestly, as an outsider, this is how a lot of his posts come off to me. I have no experience with either of these tuners, but that's just the vibe I get from the posts.

It also seems like he spends a LOT of time explaining how low his dyno reads, and then posts numbers (from the supposedly "special" cars) that are basically in line with typical numbers from other tuners.

I'm not trying to create beef with anyone. I'm just saying how it looks from an outside point of view.

EDIT: And I do realize that it's possible other people are inflating dyno numbers and how frustrating this could be. I haven't scoured past history to try and figure out why things are the way they are today. I just see someone who looks to be very set in his frame of mind and goes out of his way to make this known.
Wow, someone with an unbiased opinion!!! that can see why people get annoyed with the BS

Originally Posted by Equilibrium Tuning View Post
I appreciate this level headed feedback. I do agree that sometimes I get frustrated with the inflated numbers flying around these days and it gets the best of me on occasion. I think I'm one of the few shops that has remained stubborn in our dyno calibration, but maybe that's causing more harm than good at this point. I'll have to seriously ponder this and maybe finally give in and get away from my low reading calibration. Its certainly better for marketing, making customers happy, and at this point it would be more in line with the majority.

Again, thank you for your unbiased opinion and feedback.

-- Ed
Get off the dyno number and go to a track? You have only been on here for like 8yrs.. plenty of time to have proven the numbers with traps speeds. Anyone anywhere can tell me my dyno is inflated or deflated... I can show them an ET/MPH for 100s of cars at this point to back up the dyno numbers.

I would bet I make around 600whp on your dyno. The other 139mph GTR on the Nagtroc made 590 on an unaltered mustang dyno.

Originally Posted by Md05STI View Post
Wish this stuff wasn't so expensive...
Its so worth it And it smells like grape juice

Originally Posted by blazzin06wrxdude View Post
What's the price per gallon and availability? Is this something you'd be able to purchase in 55 gal drums? This is the first I've heard of the ftw fuel.

edit: a quick google search answered all my questions..way over priced for my intended use! Looks like regular e85 for me.
It is definitely not something you want to run everyday.

Originally Posted by juanmedina View Post
33.00 bucks per gallon IIRC
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