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Originally Posted by gustavito63007 View Post
Dear ford f150 driver......

Pulling up on my ass and tail gating me does not bother me. You could be in a tank, I still wouldn't be intimidated. It was nice to see you pass me on the right on the S curves in Pawtucket going like 90mph weaving through cars.

What's even funnier is with my cruise control on I end up behind you near rt 152 exit and i didn't hace to drive crazy. But you still had some amazing driving skills left.....

I pull All the way to the right lane so I can take exit 6 and you decide to gun it and attempt to cut me off, mind you I saw this coming, but you failed to pay attention when you just pull into my lane. Your rear wheels aligned up with my front driver side wheels/fender, and pushed me into the brake down lane. Clearly my horn wasn't enough and when i pulled next to you, I was not showing you the sign that your number one, it was clarifying your a f@&king idiot, that's why you looked forward only and driving extra tense.

Sincerely, Do us favor and drop dead

P.s. .... I need hella horns!
I think I saw the same guy the other day:
Dear aforementioned F150 driver,
I was not impressed when you were riding ass on RT 4. I can't exactly move over through the car to my right. I also wasn't impressed when you passed a buttload of people on the right while doing 90+, and then continuing your dbaggery on 95. I was simply glad that you kept getting further away from me.

Dear daredevil in the GTI,
Doing 90 through downtown Providence is stupid, no matter which highway you're on.

Dear Lexus driver,
Pick a goddamn speed and ****ing drive it. It's bad enough you're camped in the left lane not passing that Focus, but even after the S curves, you can't decide whether you want to do 60 or 70. That is, until I tried passing you on the right. Go **** yourself and

Signed, I grow more and more disappointed in humanity every day.
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