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Originally Posted by T-WRX View Post
^ dude. With love... sometimes you bitch too much.

I don't get OT. Not complaining loudly... but yes I am. Always been salary. Sometimes work 80 to 100 hrs... Same paycheck. NEVER under 40 hrs wk. Actually, never less than 45 since my first salary job in 1996. Rarely less than 50 hrs. Ever. I could RETIRE if I were hourly, or got triple time on holidays.

I once worked an entire year at an average of 80. No isht, 12 straight f'ing months averaging 80 a week. Wife started calling me her roommate. Went to work in the dark, came home in the dark. Picture not being able to shop in a retail store for an entire year. Second shift thought I worked on their shift. Only third shift knew something was f'd up that this engineer was at work at midnight, and back by 6 AM every day.

i dont think you quite understand how all this really works....and if you did you wouldnt think the way you do.

and the fact that i have no real schedule other than working 12 hour days when im working...for as long as the job may take, which is NEVER known
and because of this, i have no place other than a motel to go to when im not working because renting someplace that you may not even see in a month makes no sense
i worked 145 days out of 171 first of the year...lost track of it after that.....

but it isnt the greatest thing to never really know where you are going or when you are gonna have off....or where you are gonna stay when you arent working

well...anyway...that is only a little part of it...i could type all nite and just make a dent in it

but it really sucks in a LOT of ways and the pay only makes up for the bull**** a little, i can assure you

and it is real easy to get screwed out of a LOT of pay when the job ends and you are 3 OT pay days short of a full check...happens a LOT...way too much
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