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Originally Posted by slowgenius View Post
Good work guys! I have question that im sure has been answerered before in one of the dyno battle threads. Maybe you guys would care to comment.

I understand that a dyno is just a tool, and there are a few different kinds of manufacturers and styles.
My question is isnt there some kind of "standard" to check a dyno with?

For instance, when i use my volt meter, it has been calibrated by a company that checks it with a "standard" and corrects any deviation from the "standard" and i get a report saying exactly how close it was and its good for a year, etc. etc.



DynoJet is the industry standard. You go to just about any sanctioned event with hp restrictions etc and they use a DJ to measure the power before races.

Originally Posted by Equilibrium Tuning View Post

You're right. I'm getting off the dyno debates. I think it's been a sore spot for me, but I'm over it. Like I said, guys out here are not into drags much so I don't get the same opportunities to prove my numbers so I have to rely more on dyno numbers. Either way, I'm over it. I think for 2013 I'll finally make the switch to dynojet calibration and make everyone happy.

I gotta try the FTW stuff. Sounds similar to the VP109 that was oxegynated and made awesome power.

-- Ed
Just do it!!!

It needs fuel, A LOT of it. I maxed out my [email protected] base pressure and 84-85 peak with 2 dw65c pumps

Originally Posted by bswilmington View Post

Anyways back to subject, I like the results from the fuel. It appears to have similar effects as nitromethane, but doesnt make as much power as nitro would. Very interesting, just wish it was $30+ a gallon. Does it have cooling effects similar to E85?
It is Ethonal with MBTE and highly oxygenated. It has to meet class rules, so it has been tested for nitro and passes with flying colors. The previous problem with mixing e and mbte/oxy is it became very unstable and inconsistent. I would know I only broke 2-3 of my own cars trying it

Originally Posted by Equilibrium Tuning View Post
All dynos can be manipulated pretty easily. With Dynojets, people change the inertia values for the rollers to inflate them. I've seen different dynojets read differently as well.

Manufacturers rate their power based on engine dynos not chassis dynos. 18% loss seems low to me for AWD since most RWD's are in the 12-15% range. But again, it's all just numbers. I think the only good way to check a dyno calibration is with a precisely rated electric motor with no gear box.

-- Ed
Not as easy as that, it looks for drum info now.
Like I have always argued, you take the manufacture hp and there own driveline loss and the numbers always come out spot on with a dynojet.

Originally Posted by JTPerryR1 View Post
Yes because it is E85. We just don't know what the other 15% is .Haha. Grape soda maybe. lol
It taste like grapes, but boy does it burn like acid in the eyes

Originally Posted by JTPerryR1 View Post
Not sure if there is a local distributor in NC. Junior would probably know.

Hit up Chris Miller, maybe you could be one if you wanted
CMR racing, Chris Miller Racing and or FaceBook FTW

Originally Posted by JTPerryR1 View Post
^ True. You'd want to be on E85 and just run this for special occasions
Exactly, this is for special events

Originally Posted by wrxsubiemod View Post
Not to change the subject but didn't VP just come out with e85 that also adds power over regular e85? Or is this the stuff?
C85 cant touch this stuff. It barely makes the claimed 4% over pumped e85. The biggest gain is the consistency since it is exactly the same tank after tank.

Originally Posted by Md05STI View Post
Need the right setup to make it worth it! Get back to me on what we talked about man! I need to figure out what's going on, want this thin to be ready for the first weekend of march to get it going.
I will get on it this week. I am playing catch up as it is
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