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Originally Posted by chkltcow View Post
I was ready to get into a fistfight with him back in July and I KNOW I'm not the only one. He was running an AutoX grid like one might run a road race grid. Front car from line 1, front car from line 2, front car from line 3. I went up and told him "There are 3 lines... two with one driver cars, one with two driver cars. You need to run the 2 drivers, the one of the one drivers, then the two drivers, then the other one driver.... or else we're going to end up out of sequence and the two driver cars are 5 runs behind." He didn't listen, I tried a few times to explain why, he still wouldn't listen, then when we got to the end and he was getting pissy with us because we were spraying our tires, swapping numbers on the car, checking tire pressures, etc..... I got in a shouting match with him and told him that we get at least 5 minutes to spray tires, check pressures, etc and everyone else would just have to wait.

That man is about 90% of the reason I had no desire to go back this time. I get the feeling em99sport had problems with him too.
Sounds like they need training in how to run an SCCA AX grid... I would've had words with him, too, over this, especially after telling him what he needed to do. Someone "over" him should've had a talk with him, too, it sounds like.

I'm not a fan of rolling grids for that reason. Everything will stay in order, if done well, but everybody shifts around, so your stuff is in a slightly different place after each run.
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