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Originally Posted by Equilibrium Tuning View Post
On a technical note Jr, I've never messed with FTW fuel. Got any details on it? Any theory as to why it would make so much more power with no additional boost or timing?

-- Ed

I've talked to a few people currently using this fuel. Its basically as effective as Brazilian sugar based e100. The data Junior is providing is just about spot on for what the car should make. I don't post publicly much about the GT-R's I have done, but after tuning a couple dozen on e85 the typical dyno jet number is around 630whp on a, and around 550 on a true mustang. the e100 cars I tune make around 650, as Junior has done here.

E100 and the fuel Jr is using here is basically an "unknockable" fuel. If you have the balls to push the car until it stops making power, you have a 139-140mph stock turbo car.

If Jr gets a good tire on the car he'll probably go 9.90's. I would give it another 1-1.5 psi and try for 1.40's to the 60ft. Tires are key though, I'm currently running 22.5 psi in mine and just ice skate on the street. Ill be out opening day if I don't grenade the trans or bend a rod first Probably only run it once though, road racing is where its at. Nothing like cornering and braking at 160mph +

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