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Originally Posted by NW2TONE View Post
Elevation: 300
Dyno: DynoCOM
stock 235whp
Target AFR 11.2:1
Thanks, I'll update the info. I'm assuming this is Dave right? Curious if you were the one putting miles on the car for it's tune?

Originally Posted by Dave D. View Post
OP seems to have a nearly identical MPS build to mine -- looks just like my MPS 2.5 Powerfactor SS, in fact. The turbo output seems to be very close to my 10cm hta68 (figures below), as were the tuning conditions. My greater output seems to correlate with the extra boost I am running. Dom doesn't like my hta68 very much -- but he's done a damned good job tuning it. He really does like the Blouch turbos. At this point, especially with the 6-speed they just installed for me, my next move will likely be a 20G-XT.

My question for the OP might be why not go bigger than the 1.0?
It's an engine swapped from my 08 STi short block with JE pistons, rods, BnB, inspection of the heads and bowl blend. Her block had ~118k miles on it and the previous owner did not do a good job maintaining the car. It burned over 2quarts of oil every 3 weeks and there was no leaks I could find anywhere. Exhaust was free of oil burning smell. Even using Rotella 10w40 did nothing to stop the mystery consumption.

I told Dom to tune it very conservatively. Reliability was a very key factor since it's going to see alot of track time over the next few years. There's a ton of room to get more power of this car and when/if there's a desire for more power it's as simple as a retune. Though I don't see that happening. My wife barely ever goes over 7psi on the street cause she's scared of getting pulled over for a loud exhaust now lol.

Also the reason for a 1.0XT was cause Dom recommended it. I think it was a great recommendation. My wife wants early spool more then anything else. It spools like stock but makes a ton more power.
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