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Originally Posted by Tripintaz View Post
Sounds like you have a good tuner but I only asked because if the injector latency's were off it would cause the same type of issue you are experiencing. Sounds like he's on the job though.

I'm not sure if you can disable the rear O2 completely in RomRaider like you can ATR. I thought I read somewhere that there was a definition created to do so but I'm not sure what open source software it was for. Otherwise ATR is the only one that I know of that supports disabling the rear O2 fuel trims completely. The rear O2 is highly inconsistent on non stock catted cars and has the ability to affect short term and long term fuel trims. Cobb recommends disabling the rear O2 sensor in their advanced tuner guide.
The thing is disabling the 02 shouldn't be an issue because the car ran for 10k on this tune without a hitch. If disabling the rear o2 was an issue it should have given me bad trims from day one right? Also my car is catless. I actually saw the moment when the trims went bad as I was driving. No noise no change in the way it drove. The fuel trims just crept way lean and stayed there. Odd to say the least.

This is what is not making sense to me.

- A/F learning shows +5 to +25% just about everywhere. So that would mean the ECU is pushing fuel to prevent a lean condition.

- Meanwhile A/F correction is usually showing low end negative numbers. 0 to -10%. Ecu pulling fuel?

- Keep popping a p2097 post catalytic system too rich. This disagrees with the A/F learning (ecu says running lean) and even the A/F correction. I will pop this code even if I don't boost.

- Car drive exactly like normal. No weird idle, no hesitation, no pops, not a hint of knock, hits nearly dead on with the Maf g/s before the issue. Only way I would know there is a problem is because I was monitoring the trims and because the cel keeps popping.

So how can this be? It contradicts.
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