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So stop beating around the bush and tell us what SOA did for you. Are they putting a new engine in your car, or did they manage to convince you that your existing one was ok?

And just to back up some of what Supraru was saying, the dipsticks on these cars are designed to scare the crap out of you. Not anything to be proud of, but I've let my oil get low enough to not show on the dipstick several times on my 03 WRX over its life. It's burned oil pretty much since the day it was new, and I don't always check it religiously. When the oil level is down between 1.5 and 2.0 quarts, the dipstick will be bone dry. The only difference is that I can start to hear the lifters getting noisy when the oil is low enough. But the engine is still going strong at 145,000 miles. Just fill 'er up again and she's happy as a clam.

Also, some of the other stuff like the white smoke, was from oil on the exhaust manifold. That makes for some horrendous smoke and pretty awful smell in the cabin, but doesn't necessarily indicate engine damage.

I'd say one of two things happened. Either the dealership forgot to refill the car when they did the oil change, or they accidentally doubled up on the filter gasket and the oil blew out between the two gaskets once it got to full pressure. Since there was oil all over the bottom of the car when you brought it in, that pretty much rules out #1. And since the motor started up again when they added oil, I'd say that there wasn't any serious damage done. Yeah, it's pretty annoying when they screw something up, but that doesn't mean that SOA is going to bend over backwards and spend thousands of dollars just to make you happy.
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