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Originally Posted by beanbeanbean View Post
This is one funny thread. What will happen...

Soa rep comes out, finds damage, replaces motor with a reman.
Soa rep comes out finds motor is working as designed and gives you an extended war.
Soa rep comes out finds no problem, dealer gives you a reman motor
Soa rep comes out finds no problem, dealer gives you an internal extended war.
Soa rep comes out finds no problem, dealer tell you to take a hike.

The most likely is the last.

I am a DDTs(direct dealer tech support, the super tech guy that comes out) for a jap Manufacturer, not soa.

First, no "new" motor. Doesn't exist for a customer. Also they cost 5x as much. A dealer can get one for lot vech. that has not yet been sold, because it's the law, I have seen one in my last 12 years.

Second, oil dip stick was not reading /= no oil. Supraru would have a better idea then I what the level is, but I think ~1.5 quarts low on that motor = no reading.

Third you have no clue how the oil system works, it sucks it happened but your claims are pure rubbish and I would never meet with you in person, or spend more then ten driving your car. Oil filter was not tight, doubled gasketed or (unlikely)pinched. **** happens. Leak down tests and compression test will give you nothing, tearing it down (that will never happen) will show you bearing wear, which is what happens when the motor runs. This is not a mechanical failure, it's temp. oil deprivation. Drive it, sell it, stop crying about it.
Yes the dipstick is about 1.5 qts. Frome top circle to the bottom is 1 qt.
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